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If Nigerians would enjoy a year of high-level musical entertainment, Wizkid would play a crucial part in it and if otherwise, he’d still be a principal part of it. This is to show just how much influence the Starboy holds in the Nigerian music industry. He is the one that sets the standards – arguably, he is the ‘king’

So, to start 2018 and to determine our fate (music consumers) as regards the quality of music made in Nigeria; Wizkid has released his much-anticipated Soco song and fans have been reacting to the release. Below are some of the thoughts of TX team members about the song.

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@ibironketweets I imagine that it would be a boring experience being a fan of Wizkid at a time like this when his music has become only bearable rather than mind-blowing like it once was, especially when his hunger for success could not be quenched with half-done pieces. The days when Wizkid was conscious about making music to impress and win over fans, not now that he has tens of millions of loyalists who would cheer loudly even when he is coughing badly.

I’ve heard some of these Wizkid FC members scream Starboy! Starboy! and seen comments on the brilliance of Soco since it dropped but in my opinion it is just another product of a freestyle session which was deemed fit to be called a hit song because it is a ‘vibe’ – a cheap vibe, a vibe with everyone on it sounding alike, a vibe that lacks newness and oh! shouldn’t we have gotten tired of the same Eledumare will bless you with money, Starboy will bless you with money, baby oh, lines from Wizzy?

Sometimes I feel just as much as Wizkid is an inspiration to a lot of up and coming artistes, he could equally be of negative influence to them especially when they start to lose their originality trying to sound like him. For instance, Ceeza who usually impresses, was lost in the shadow of Wizkid on this song and even the debutant, Terri, failed to take his chance to shine. Who is Spotless? and why is he even named as a contributor?

I feel like Soco was made by an uninspired Wizkid featuring a Wizkid whose sleep was cut short and another Wizkid who would rather be making babies.

I expect a lot of Wizkid fans to disagree with me, just like I disagree with them that Soco is a brilliant song but if you’re asking if it’s a ‘hit’, I’d say yes because it is Wizkid and whether or not it is quality stuff, it would be played everywhere anyways.

Rating – 2.5/5

MUSIC Naija Music

Mr 2kay – “In The Morning” ft. Doray


Just as the rollercoaster success of the ‘Count It All Joy’ EP keeps on gathering momentum, Pop sensation, Mr. 2kay takes music lovers on another pleasant ride of pure musical bliss with the release of the afro pop version of In The Morning, one of the fan-favourites off the EP.

The lovely rendition was remixed by UK based producers, Team Salut and features fast rising act, Doray. The love song talks about never wanting to be away from his lover and always wanting to wake to the face of his lover. His irresistible vocals further accentuate the sensual feel of the song.

Following the premiere of the single on BBC XTRA1 RADIO UK, CAPITAL XTRA UK and BEATFM LONDON , the build up of anticipation for the release of the song has risen to an impressive level. The Grafton records signee certain

Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Mr 2kay – “In The Morning” ft. Dorayly knows how to get the attention of his audience with every single hit!